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2016 03 17 Manchester

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Date: Thursday, 17th March 2016, 18:00

Location: Spaceport, 26 1st floor, 24 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DZ


Event sponsors: Avecto


  • Scott Helme

Abstract: Turning over a new Leaf – How the world’s bestselling electric car, the Nissan Leaf can be accessed remotely to activate the climate control and spy on details of the driver’s journeys simply by knowing or guessing the VIN of the vehicle. This may seem like a harmless prank but could be used to void warranties or drain batteries remotely, with Nissan looking to add GPS tracking to the vehicles this issue could have become a whole lot worse.

Speaker bio: Scott is a Pen Tester by day and runs several well-known security sites and blogs by night including, and

  • Julian Horoszkiewicz

Abstract: Blind detection of path traversal-vulnerable file uploads - Presentation of an experimental web penetration testing technique, aiming at detection of path traversal issues in file upload implementations, with zero knowledge about the remote directory structure.

Speaker bio: Julian Horoszkiewicz, IT Security Consultant at Pentest Ltd, OSCP, open source and security enthusiast, recently focused on methodology