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WASPY Awards 2012

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Congratulations to Helen Gao winner of the 2012 WASPY Award

Helen Gao Profile Picture.jpg
Helen received a certificate, a $1000 gift card, an ipad and a trophy

We also would like to congratulate the rest of the finalists of the 2012 WASPY Awards

Kostas Papapanagiotou Profile Picture.jpg Kostas Papapanagiotou Simon Bennetts Profile Picture.jpg Simon Bennetts Ryan Barnett Profile Picture.jpgRyan Barnett Gustavo Barbato Profile Picture.jpg Gustavo Barbato Israel Bryski Profile Picture.jpg Israel Bryski Cassio Goldschmidt Prfile Picture.jpg Cassio Goldschmidt Charles Henderson Profile Picture.jpg Charles Henderson Kees Leune Profile Picture.jpgDr. Kees Leune Breno Silva Pinto Profile Picture.jpg Breno Silva Pinto

Please see WASPY Award 2012 Candidates for information about each finalist






Attention: All Chapter/Project Leaders

Every year a group of individuals including researchers, developers, security professionals and others work to ensure the security of web applications. Some of these individuals are featured in news stories or at conferences as recognized experts. But there are many other ‘unsung heroes’ that work every day to improve web application security and yet are rarely recognized.

This year OWASP will initiate the first annual Web Application Security Person of the Year (WASPY) award. There will be awards for WASPY winners at the chapter or project, finalist and global levels. Each Chapter or Project who participates will have the opportunity to nominate 1 WASPY candidate from their Chapter or Project to represent them in the final vote. The OWASP board will review the profiles of the chapter/project level winners and will then select 5 Global finalists. The Global WASPY winner will be announced at the Global AppSec North America conference in Austin, TX in October. Winners at each level will be recognized on the OWASP website and receive a gift in addition to the award.

Guidelines that will be used to select WASPY winners are: Individuals should be involved in web application security in some meaningful way, ie: they may be involved in projects or supporting the chapter or involved in volunteering time for awareness campaigns. Individuals should be well known for supporting local OWASP or other web application security efforts. Individuals that not only support local efforts but also contribute time to OWASP projects or other national/international efforts to improve web application security should be given additional consideration/credit. We encourage nominators to look broadly at the field to identify potential unsung heroes in addition to well-known industry speakers and pundits.

Here is how the process will work:

All Chapters/Projects that would like to participate in the WASPY Award, must contact Kelly Santalucia via [email protected] by September 1, 2012.

Only Chapters/Projects who have contacted Kelly by September 1, 2012 will be able to nominate 1 candidate to represent their chapter/project. It is up to the Chapter/Project to determine how they would like to select their candidate. Please reference our Chapter Handbook for suggestions on Chapter Elections, and refer to the guidelines listed above which will be used for the selection of the winners.

Once the Chapter/Project has selected a candidate, they must contact Kelly Santalucia with the candidates name, his/her accomplishments and provide an explanation as to why this person was chosen. Chapters/Projects have until September 15 to submit this information.

**Each Chapter/Project must submit a candidate in order for the chapter/project to be eligible to share in a percentage of any funds raised beyond those used to support the awards.**

September 20th - 28th the OWASP Board will vote for the top 5 candidates.

October 25 winners will be announced live at AppSec USA in Austin, TX

OWASP corporate supporters will sponsor the WASPY awards. In order to participate Chapters/Projects must contact Kelly Santalucia [email protected] by September 1, 2012 AND submit a candidate by September 15, 2012. Chapters/Projects who do not respond by September 1, 2012 will not be eligible to participate in 2012 but will be eligible in future years. Chapters/Projects that submit a candidate will be eligible to share in a percentage of any funds raised beyond those used to support the awards. More information will be provided to the participating chapters/projects on the awards, gifts and recognition for winners at each level.

Interested in sponsoring the WASPY Awards? Please visit Sponsorship Information

WASPY Award 2012 Candidates

2012 WASPY Award Finalists