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Latest revision as of 22:24, 1 November 2008

Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Work Session Name OWASP Winter of Code 2009
Short Work Session Description Aims to define the next OWASP Season of Code frame.
Related Projects (if any)
Email Contacts & Roles Chair
Dinis Cruz, Sebastien Deleersnyder
Paulo Coimbra
Mailing list
Subscription Page
  • Define the operation model for the next OWASP Season of Code (the Winter of Code 08),
  • Identify which areas should receive priority selection,
  • Create 'virtual teams' from the attendees and allocate them to key projects,
  • Discuss sponsoring models.
Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue
OWASP EU Summit Portugal 2008
November 4 & 7, 2008
Time TBD
Discussion Model
"Everybody is a Participant"
Please add here, ASAP, any needed relevant resources, e.g. data-show, boards, laptops, etc.
Please add here, any additional notes, links, ideas, guidelines, etc... The objective is to help the working sessions participants and attendees to prepare their participation/contribution
Statements, Initiatives or Decisions Proposed by Working Group Approved by OWASP Board
Initiative OWASP Winter of Code 08 plan. After the Board Meeting - fill in here.
Decision Set of projects for immediate approval (assuming the proposal is ready). After the Board Meeting - fill in here.
Fill in here. After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Working Session Participants

(Add you name by editing this table. On your the right, just above the this frame, you have the option to edit)

Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed
1 Eduardo Vianna de Camargo Neves Conviso IT Security Understand how we can help the initiative and participate to continue the Positive Security project.
2 Leonardo Cavallari Militelli E-VAL Tecnologia Share feelings from other 2 season of code, discuss improvements for WoC and continue ASDR development.
3 Matt Tesauro OWASP Live CD 2008 Project Lead Discuss what worked and didn't work with the SoC.
Give some input on how to spread the word about OWASP's XoC's
4 Matteo Meucci Minded Security, OWASP Testing Guide Discuss new ideas about projects. Should OWASP says which projects develop?
5 Carlo Pelliccioni Symantec, OWASP Backend Security Project Discuss about the next OWASP sponsorship to share new ideas.
6 Christian Martorella Edge-Security, WebSlayer Project Interested in the topic
7 Eoin Keary Code review guide lead What next for the sponsored prjoects?
8 Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman Independent Project Leader in 07 and 08, past experience.
9 Rogan Dawes Corsaire WebScarab lead, reviewer and past participant
10 Frederick Donovan Donovan Networks Participant

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