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Intelligent Roaming On Net (IRON)

There will be three key IT security pressure points for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in 2008:

· Compliance · Application/Web site security · Endpoint security

These three areas will be much more tightly intertwined next year than they were in 2007.

According to a reliable resource the global Spam volumes have doubled this year that is in the year 2007. And the messages (120 billion emails daily!) are getting more and more sophisticated. Spammers are finding innovative ways to spread valid-looking email that can dodge filters, spread malware and steal sensitive information.

We at IIRA Technologies after having experience in the field of Linux security and solution, decided to launch a wing for Security on Net. IIRA Technologies will provide security and solution to fight all Spammers and hackers, as we know we need to be smarter than those smart people.

The IRON by IIRA Technologies is one of the very smart appliance, which can solve most of the problems faced by network administrator, as we firmly believe network security is a game of combination of smart appliance and smarter administrator.

The smart IRON

It’s really an intelligent member of your network that allows only authorized users to access Internet and outside network under great amount of security and observation.

IRON specifically follows user-based authentication. IRON provides every user a roaming profile and authentication mechanism. IRON converts your Linux machine to Router and Gateway for your network. IRON provides network level Firewall Security. IRON provides the much needed facility of Content Filtering. IRON provides the most demandable security of the coming years i.e security from SPAM, VIRUSES, TROJANS….. IRON provides the facility to update reports for better management.

In any organization to secure the network we always say it’s a combination of man and machine that is smart machine with a smarter network administrator. IIRA Technologies designed a smart machine to secure your system and always want to get associates with the smart network administrator of a smarter management.

For further Information contact:

Neeraj Gaur (Director and CEO) IIRA Technologies Ph: 09312933224 [email protected]