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Sounil Yu is a security evangelist with over 30 years of hands-on experience creating, breaking, and fixing computer and network systems. As the Executive Director for Security Innovation at a major financial institution, Sounil leads the skunkworks team to execute innovation initiatives and crazy experiments that reduce risk and tackle hard challenges in information security. Previously, he helped improve information security at several institutions spanning from Fortune 100 companies with three letters on the stock exchange to secretive three letter agencies that are not. Sounil also specializes in establishing, managing, and protecting startups within the environment of an existing large enterprise. Every summer, he runs an intern program channelling the energy and creative ideas of dozens of interns into meaningful capabilities that advance the state of cybersecurity. Although on occasion he is forced to write about himself in the third person, he would rather meet people in person to share ideas and experiences rather than writing it up in a short bio. Sounil lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and their four homeschooled children.