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Over 28 years experience in Architecture, Designing, Coding, Testing, Implementing solutions in HR/Payroll/Financial institutions. Have written code in a number of different languages, primarily java and C#; numerous UI technologies (jsp, javascript, jquery, and more). I love to wear multiple hats. In a real distant past, I've been a network administrator, a technology advocate, non-relational DBA, a c++ programmer and a trainer. I've brought in enterprise level systems (email, imaging into Sherw-Williams) to building a data center off a credit card for a small startup. I've been part of software design review teams; specifically, the Lotus Notes R5 Design Review team - assessing the Domino server capabilities and web based toolsets. That taught me a lot about networking, Prior to PNC, I had worked at few small software startups wearing all the hats: network admin, developer, DBA, help desk, business name it. In the most recent past, I developed software for the Security Center of Excellence at Keybank to help inventory, track and remediate security issues with internal applications (I've always loved security)

At PNC, my former life was that of a Retail Tech lead in the product engineering space. Have been involved with SOA, Testing Center of Excellence (ITKO Lisa platform), numerous integration technologies (WESB, IB, ODM, worklight) along with numberous initiative such as the Windows 7 migration and Developer's Desktop technologies groups.

I love to solve problems, bringing the right people together to come up with simple solutions that are easy to understand.