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Michael Coates


Contact at : Michael.Coates [at]



OWASP Involvement

AppSensor - Project Lead, project started Summer of Code 2008

Global_Membership_Committee - Member since committee inception November, 2008

OWASP Top 10 2010 - Recognized Contributor

OWASP Transport Layer Protection Cheat Sheet - Author

Wiki Contributions


Michael Coates has extensive experience in application security, security code review and penetration assessments. He has conducted numerous security assessments for financial, enterprise and cellular customers worldwide. Michael holds a master's degree in Computer Security from DePaul University and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

Michael is the creator and leader of the AppSensor project and a contributor to the 2010 OWASP Top 10. He is a frequent speaker at OWASP security conferences in the US and Europe and has also spoken at the Chicago Thotcon conference and provided security training at BlackHat.

As the web security lead at Mozilla, Michael protects web applications used by millions of users each day.

OWASP Events

Speaker at following OWASP conferences/events:

  • OWASP Minneapolis Chapter, 2011
  • OWASP San Antonio Chapter, 2011
  • OWASP World Summit - Portugal, 2011
  • OWASP AppSec USA California, 2010
  • OWASP Northern Virginia Chapter, 2010
  • OWASP Chicago Chapter, 2009
  • OWASP AppSec EU Poland, 2009
  • OWASP World Summit - Portugal, 2008

Full conference speaking history here