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User:Martin Holst Swende

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Martin Holst Swende is a Senior Security Consultant at 2Secure AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Martin graduated as M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University 2004 and worked professionally as a software developer after graduation. As a developer, Martin primarily worked with Java and J2ME, but is versed in a variety of languages, particularly dynamic languages such as Python, Javascript and Lua.

While employed at Yahoo Inc in 2008, Martin had the role of "local paranoid", which led to application security becoming a hobby. A gradual shift occurred, so that nowadays Martin is an application security specialist and hobby programmer.

Martin has contributed to Owasp Webscarab, Nmap scripting engine (NSE) and written assorted tools mainly for appsec testing. He has also been active in Owasp Sweden as member of the Organizing Comittee for Appsec Research 2010 and given talks during meetings.

Martin is project leader for the Owasp Hatkit Proxy and the Owasp Hatkit Datafiddler.

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