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My full-time career began after studying economics at Chapman University and have applied key learnings through various fields: as an associate cost/price analyst at Parker Aerospace, a district administrator for Sybase, and research analyst at Meyers Group specializing in residential real estate demographic research. I then went on to become an associate portfolio accountant at State Street Investment Manager Solutions, auditing PIMCO's institutional pension fund managers'​ account statements versus the custodian bank's statements for par, price, and market value discrepancies. In addition, my interests have led me to pursue investment opportunities at Morgan Stanley where I was accepted and earned my Series 7 (General Securities), Series 31 (Managed Futures and Commodities), and Series 66 (Uniform State Law and Investment Advisor) licenses in 2005 to become a financial advisor to high net worth individuals.

In January 2009, I joined H. Beck, an independent broker-dealer, to provide a more holistic solution to my clients'​ needs. Having done very well for my clients after a little over 2.5 years, I returned to school to focus on graduate studies to delve into financial markets and services on a deeper level. Currently, I'm not a practitioner.

I completed my master's degree in financial planning, Certified Financial Planner Board registered curriculum, at California Lutheran University and graduated on May 15, 2015.

In 2016, with so many cyber attacks going on, on a massive scale with tens, hundreds of millions, or billions of accounts hacked per organization making headline news, I changed my objective in career development. I pursue advanced cyber security training to assist in the fight against this threat to our society. I want to assist in making our cyber computing and communications safer. Having finished my academic training, in which the curriculum mirrors the CISSP’s 8 domains of common body of knowledge, I am ready to join the cyber security workforce. My next objective is to complete the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam prep and sit for the exam.