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My father introduced me to the world of computers when I was 10. Ever since, I've been hooked. On vacations during high-school I had my first permanent position, helping with QA, IT and web administration. After high-school I worked full time managing a Tier 4 customer support lab. At this point I got to dive in to networking, Windows server management, and network architecture while recreating customer environments to attempt to re-create the issues experienced by the customers. My following position was in a security consulting firm in which I spent almost 6 years. During this period I implemented Web Application Firewalls, performed both application and infrastructure penetration tests, and in my final position managed the "offensive" team, performing various security tests for the company clients. Currently I am self-employed working many aspects of the security world. I am currently leading the implementation of Secure Software Development Life Cycle in a large government office. I research various technologies creating guidance documents for developers on how to work with the technologies in a secure manner. Every now and then I still penetration test, mostly for the fun.

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