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User:Dr. Marian Ventuneac

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Dr. Marian Ventuneac:

 A security analyst with a global financial security company. As a senior consultant and security engineer, he previously provided consultancy services for companies such as Dell Services, Perot Systems and Original Solutions Ltd. With more than nine years experience in industry and academia, Marian's expertise includes Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review and Root Cause Analysis, as well as integrating security into software development processes. His latest research initiative on 'Testing the Enterprise Security Infrastructure' yield collaboration with vendors such as Google, Symantec, IBM, Barracuda Networks, and Marshal (currently M86 Security) on assessing and improving the security of various enterprise solutions. Marian's academic qualifications include a Doctorate on Formal Verification of Security Protocols, as well as a Master on Applied Security Frameworks.