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Summary: • Mr. Putnam has 30+ years of experience encompassing the various stages of software development. • Mr. Putnam has excellent experience in: • Full Stack Development, Sencha Architect 3, ExtJs 4.2, Spring ROO, Spring, Hibernate, MVC. • GWT, EJB Session Beans, Swing, GWT, front end and backend development, IBatis, WebSphere JMX MBeans, WebSphere Console, Jython, Java, XML, xpath, Java Servlets, JNLP, C/UNIX, Perl,OO Perl,Korn Shell, php, mysql, phpMyAdmin, Perl CGI, C++, CORBA, HTML, JavaScript. • Backend development in Schema design, SQL, Stored procedures, Triggers with Oracle and Sybase MySQL, MS SQL, IBatis, EJB Session Beans, WebLogic, and WebSphere. • UNIX internals, including signal handlers, IPC’s, sockets, shared memory, semaphores, ONC RPC’s Client Server, and applications development. • Low-level development in Sybase Open Client library. • NT, MS Windows, full life cycle of systems and application design. • Mr. Putnam has demonstrated over the years that he is able to grasp complex problems quickly. • Mr. Putnam has demonstrated that he is a fast learner and is able to adapt to new technologies and business paradigms. • Mr. Putnam has demonstrated the he can work well with others within development groups and also independently.