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Dedicated, persistent and organized individual with over 25 years relevant experience in the Information Technologies Field (in the areas of evaluation, purchasing, installation, maintenance and repair). Currently a Senior Information Security Analyst for a large company.

Provide continuous support and expertise of the following:

 Monitor Network traffic and events, internal and external.  Antivirus diagnostics and analysis.  IDS/IPS event analysis and reporting.  Multiple device log analysis (firewall, DNS, proxy, HIDS, NIDS).  Present correlated data to clients from an information security perspective.  Investigative, analyze and resolve problems.  Assess security threats.  Detect security issues, create customer tickets, and manage problems until closure.  Coordinate escalations and collaborate with internal technology teams to ensure timely resolution of issues.  Ensure that Service Level Agreements are met.  Report common and repeat problems (trend analysis) to management and propose process and technical improvements.