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Test File Permission (OTG-CONFIG-009)

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Impoper file permission configuration may result in privilledge escalation, information explousure, DLL injection, or unauthorized file access.

Therefore, files permission must be properly configured with minium access permission by default. The file permission needs to be configured include -

  • Web files/directory
  • Configuration files/directory
  • Sensitive files (encrypted data, password, key)/directory
  • Log files (security logs, operation logs, admin logs)/directory
  • Executables (scripts, EXE, JAR, class, PHP, ASP)/directory
  • Database files/directory
  • Temp files /directory
  • Upload files/directory

How to Test

Review file Permission

Under the linux, use ls command to check the file permission. Alternatively, namei can also be used to recursively list the files permission.

$ namei -l /PathToCheck/ 

Generally, the files permission is suggested as below.

File Type Configuration
Scripts 750rwx-wx---)
Scripts directory  750rwx-wx---)
Configuration 600(rw-------)
Configuration Directory 700(rwx------)
Log files 640(rw-r-----)
Archieved Log files 400(r--------)
Log files directory 700(rwx------)
Debug files 600(rw-------)
Debug files directory 700(rwx------)
database files 600(rw-------)
database files direcotry 700(rwx------)
Sensitive info files (Key, encryption) 600(rw------)