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OWASP is proud to announce the {{{1}}} Season of Code (SoC)! This program is designed to allow participants to get paid for helping create and improve OWASP Projects. For anyone new to the SoC program, please refer to the OWASP Season of Code page for background information on the mechanics of the program.


Participating in an OWASP Season of Code project means that you'll be directly performing the work on the project and utilizing your Mentor to help guide and review your work.

To sign up to deliver a project:

  • TODO

Participant responsibilities include:

  • TODO


Mentoring an OWASP Season of Code project means that you'll be working closely with the Participant(s) selected to deliver the project.

To sign up to mentor a project:

  • TODO

Mentor responsibilities include:

  • TODO


Sponsoring an OWASP Season of Code project is an easy way for an organization to leverage the OWASP talent pool to focus additional development work on a project of your choice.

To sign up to sponsor a project:

  • TODO

Sponsor responsibilities include:

  • TODO