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Template:Project Release

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This template displays key information about a particular release of an OWASP Project, including the release date, download location, release leader name, and release details. All parameters are optional. The "release line" utilizes the Tempalte:Release template to format the release_name, release_date, and release_download_link details. The release_leader_name/release_leader_email/release_leader_username tuple utilizes the Template:Contact template. See these templates for more details. By default:

  • release_leader_* = N/A
  • release_details = N/A


{{Template:Project Release
| project_name =
| release_name = 
| release_date = 
| release_download_link =
| release_leader_name =
| release_leader_email =
| release_leader_username =
| release_details =