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Template:Project GPC Dashboard

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This is the Project GPC Dashboard for the project : {{{project_name}}}


  • Main page: [[{{{project_home_page}}}]]
  • Project Details Tab : [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}]] (edit)- uses template: Template:Project_About


  • Release Details Tab (one per release) [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}/Releases/....]] using the template Template:Release_About
  • When ready create this page: Current release: [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}/Releases/Current]]
    • using the code
 #REDIRECT [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}/Releases/...]]
  • When ready create this page: Last reviewed release: [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}/Releases/Last_Reviewed_Release]]
    • using the code
 #REDIRECT [[Projects/{{{project_name}}}/Releases/...]]

Releases Assessment