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Template:Education Info

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This template provides a standard view for OWASP Education information related to a particular subject. The table allows users to identify resources relevant to their skill level or interest.

All parameters are options. If a parameter is not supplied, the relevant row in the table is not displayed.

  • title = the title to display above the table (can be wiki text)
  • beginner = items for beginners (should be wiki text)
  • experienced = items for experienced users (should be wiki text)
  • expert = items for experts (should be wiki text)
  • presentations = presentations on the topic (should be wiki text)
  • videos = videos for the topic (should be wiki text)


{{Template:Education Info
| title =
| beginner =
| experienced =
| expert =
| presentations =
| videos =


{{Template:Education Info
| title = [[Projects/Example/Info | Example Project]]
| beginner = * training material
| videos = * training video


Example Project

  • training material
  • training video