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Talk:Working Sessions OWASP Website

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Use this page to capture discussion about the OWASP website leading up to the working session.

My goal is to have a proposal documenting stages of change for OWASP website put together before Summit so we can present and go over it as a group for discussion - User:Jason Li

Subdomain Proposal

Propose subdomain migration:

  • Move away from Wiki
    •** redirects to ->
    • wiki continues to be available as incubator for more mature content
  • Main OWASP page
    • is a CMS controlled page with editor approved content
    • not necessarily a Wiki
    • (professionally) designed to be geared towards public consumption
  • Projects Home
    • -> new home for all OWASP projects
    • ideally leverages Google Project Hosting combined with Google Code Review
    • provides centralized repository for downloading all projects
    • provides consistent look and feel to all projects
  • Forums
    • -> message boards
    • supersedes mailing lists
    • must be backwards compatible and transparent with current mailing list infrastructure
  • Conferences Page
    • -> home for central conferences
  • Community Page
    • community home page to encourage ecosystem
    • can hold chapter home pages
    • base for OPoints?

User:Jason Li

Perhaps we also need to discuss (and not discuss):

  • Search
    • Main site(s)
    • Content elsewhere?
  • Implementation
    • Hosting
    • Security aspects
  • (avoid talking about the logo!)


On Designs, Layout and Standards

User:ClerkendwellerTo document some of my own thoughts, suggestions, and existing aspects of the current site we don't want to lose track of. All done in pencil, so they can be altered easily.

What URL? SSL? Maintain existing URLs (even if 301 redirects)


New page header for the whole / all site(s)?


Hang a pure CSS menu off the tabs, so that we can highlight many more pages/resources from every page, but without cluttering up the header. The "Resources for..." is aimed at new visitors, and is probably all new content pages (a lot of work to put these together)... the number suggested is too many, but I didn't want to lose any ideas:


Introduce breadcrumb trails:


My thoughts were to keep as much as possible in the wiki, and just significantly re-skin the existing/new "introductory" pages. The number of pages styled in the new way can grow as effort permits:


The home page and other "introductory" pages will be fully multilingual and have no evidence of being wiki pages (even if they are):


and all the other wiki pages get the new header/footer, with most of the wiki management tools moved to a right column, along with cross-links:


Standard footer across the whole site:


We try to make sure the status bar doesn't display any warnings to "normal" or "appsec" users:


We might want to specify some standards/options to include with changes:


And keep a centred design which expands, but doesn't stretch too wide: