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'''Use this page to capture discussion about the OWASP website leading up to the working session.'''
My goal is to have a proposal documenting stages of change for OWASP website put together ''before'' Summit so we can present and go over it as a group for discussion - [[User:Jason Li]]
= Subdomain Proposal =
Propose subdomain migration:
* Move away from Wiki
**** redirects to ->
** wiki continues to be available as incubator for more mature content
* Main OWASP page
** is a CMS controlled page with editor approved content
** not necessarily a Wiki
** (professionally) designed to be geared towards public consumption
* Projects Home
** -> new home for all OWASP projects
** ideally leverages Google Project Hosting combined with Google Code Review
** provides centralized repository for downloading all projects
** provides consistent look and feel to all projects
* Forums
** -> message boards
** supersedes mailing lists
** must be backwards compatible and transparent with current mailing list infrastructure
* Conferences Page
** -> home for central conferences
* Community Page
** community home page to encourage ecosystem
** can hold chapter home pages
** base for OPoints?
[[User:Jason Li]]

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