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Links/Text that are missing from this page to make it easier to consume

  • explanation on what it is (so that when we hit the page it is easy to undestand the context, and links to past reports)
    • DIFF with previous week (for the crowd reading them in sequence it will be easier if the major changes from last week are also shown)
  • link to
  • links to references for each point and action
    • for example the 'Currently Working On' and 'Grants Updates' should all have links on each of the items

From Sam:

These are excellent points of feedback, Dinis. As I get feedback from hundreds of people a week, I might not be able to get to your action items immediately. I suggest you use this ideas document to note down these items in the future. It will help me organise your suggestions, comments, and feedback so I can better action them for the community when time permits.

Thank you, Dinis.