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Made a edit to the main page snipping out

"You can find out about the next meeting by checking the OWASP Portal page for your Local Chapter, or by watching the OWASP Community events on the OWASP Main Page. All of the mailing lists can be found here."

<snip 2>

Sales activities are strictly prohibited, although vendors who can provide useful application security information are welcome. Generally, Local Chapters meet between monthly and quarterly, and have presentations and discussion of key application security topics. (this was removed from the page to trim / and it is covered in the link to the chapter handbook that was inserted that each chapter leader has agreed to for basic governance)

FAQ from people was how do i find a local chapter hence moved it to the top of the page to be simple.


Around the World


this was removed from the page as the graphic appears that you can click on it and "zoom" to the local chapter, this is not functional. If we are using this graphic to show our global chapters on a membership document or to show the global coverage great.. not on this page. We want NEW people to find chapters ASAP and see local content in as few clicks as possible.