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1. Mission statement

To improve web application security awareness and share knowledge/best practices amongst security professionals and developers in Japan. Everything must remain open source and non-commercial.

2. Chapter structure
2.1. Core team: chapter leaders

2.1.1 Responsibility as per OWASP rules (see OWASP website for details)

Generally speaking, the Chapter Leader Handbook asks that you:

  • Will commit to organizing at least quarterly meetings
  • Will find a stable location for meetings
  • Will find great speakers
  • Will publicize the chapter and recruit new members
  • Will keep the chapter non-commercial

2.1.2 Current chapter leaders

a. person 1
b. person 2
c. person 3
d. person 4

2.2. Roles and responsibilities (roles to be assigned) (note: multiple people can have multiple roles if needed)

2.2.1 OWASP international liaison officer: point of contact with OWASP board and other (external) chapters or organizations (fluent English needed and by preference other languages)
2.2.2 OWASP PR/marketing manager: goal is reach out to enterprises (sponsorship) and promote chapter
2.2.3 OWASP Membership manager
2.2.4 OWASP Secretary/Finance manager
2.2.5 OWASP community leader: responsibility to reach out to local communities and get them interested. Reach out to potential speakers.
2.2.6 OWASP project leader: start/lead new projects (see point 2.3)
2.2.7 OWASP audio/video manager: responsible for streaming/recording of events

2.3 Possible (local) projects
2.3.1 Local OWASP conference (aside from chapter meetings)
2.3.2 Translation of OWASP documentation (Top 10/SDLC/,,,)
2.3.3 Software development

3. Potential partner/sponsors

3.1 Potential Sponsors

  • ...

3.2 Potential partner/supporting organizations

  • ...

4. Random ideas/notes

  • Regular Nomikai to improve relationship/networking amongst members
  • Chapter should strive to be bi-lingual and improve on international collaboration
  • All chapter related activity (including projects) should adhere to the general concept of OWASP: to produce free and open unbiased tools and documentation promoting software and application security.