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Talk:Chairs: March 14, 2011

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Base Committee Governance Rules

My thought is that we can have a common "base rules" for how committees conduct business, membership, voting, minimum meeting frequency, removing members, chair elections ....... and then extend these rules as applicable to each committee. To get started, we can look at the relevant sections of the document the Conferences Committee passed late last year ( With some minimal tweaking I think we can update the relevant sections to apply across committees. I've taken a stab below (note some of this language was stolen from current by-laws)


Committee Missions

  • What is a committee?
  • What is the mission of each Committee?

User:Jason Li

OWASP Points Program

Summit_2011_Working_Sessions/Session071 OWASP Points


Shared Budget Items

  • Administrative Support?
  • Marketing/Promotion?
  • Committee Summit?

User:Jason Li

Raising Revenue

  • Individual Membership Dues
    • Increase
    • Tiered
  • Corporate Membership Dues
    • Increase
    • Tiered
  • Conference Tickets
    • Increase
    • Tiered
  • Other Revenue Streams?
    • Markup on Lulu printing?
    • Hardcopy software distribution?

User:Jason Li

Cross-Committee Concerns

  • OWASP Conferences Track (Conferences, Projects, Education)
  • OWASP Academies (Chapters, Education)
  • Industry + Connections merger?

User:Jason Li