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== Local News ==
'''Kick-Off Meeting for OWASP-Sweden'''
We are in the midst of planning the OWASP-Sweden kick off. The exact date in not set yet but it'll be during the first week of April, i.e. March 31 to April 4. A number of interesting speakers have been contacted and we sure we'll have an awesome program to offer. Make notes in your calenders folk, we're kicking off!
'''OWASP-Sweden in Computer Sweden - 08:44, 19 Dec 2007 (EDT)'''
Today the Swedish national IT newspaper 'Computer Sweden' published an article on the new OWASP-Sweden chapter - [ ''Mecka för säker programmering till Sverige''], or ''A Mecka for Secure Programming Reaches Sweden'' in English. While OWASP is more than a programmer's guide, Mattias Bergling and I are very happy to get the news out to a large part of Sweden's IT industry.
'''To become a member of Owasp-Sweden just join the [ mailing list].'''
'''OWASP-Sweden opens! - 22:25, 01 Oct 2007 (EDT)'''
Finally, Sweden has joined the OWASP movement and John Wilander, the local chapter leader, welcomes members to the Stockholm-based OWASP-Sweden. Please, join our mailing list. Plans for meetings and seminars will be made.
Are you interested in helping out? Do you have ideas for great invited speakers or workshop meetings? Feel free to contact the chapter.

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