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=== current summit 2013 team==
== current summit 2013 team==
see the [[Summit_2011_Attendee_Bios]] page for more examples
see the [[Summit_2011_Attendee_Bios]] page for more examples

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Mr. Spock

He like to fix hard technical probs probs

Cruz, Dinis

Dinis Cruz is a Security Consultant based in London (UK) and specialized in: ASP.NET/J2EE Application Security, Application Security audits and .NET Security Curriculum Development.

For the past couple years Dinis has focused on the field of Static Source Code Analysis and Dynamic Website Assessments (aka penetration testing), and is the main developer of the OWASP O2 Platform which is an Open Source project that is focused on 'Automating Security Consultants Knowledge/Workflows' and 'Allowing non-security experts to access and consume Security Knowledge'. Dinis is currently focused on making the O2 Platform the industry standard for consuming, instrumenting and data-sharing between: the multiple WebAppSec tools, the Security consultants and the final users (from management to developers). Past industry experience include: running a small Software/Consultancy business, acting as CTO for a Portuguese University, being part of a Security Assessment team (Pentesting and Source Code Assessment) for a global Bank (ABN AMRO), taking the role of Directory of Advanced Technologies at Ounce Labs (acquired by IBM) performing Web Application security assessments on a large number of languages/technologies/frameworks and being a very active participant and enabler at OWASP.

current summit 2013 team

see the Summit_2011_Attendee_Bios page for more examples