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Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session066

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WS. individual projects.jpg Development Guide
Please see/use the 'discussion' page for more details about this Working Session
Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Short Work Session Description If done from the earliest stages, secure applications cost about the same to develop as insecure applications, but are far more cost effective in the long run. The primary aim of the OWASP Development Guide is to help businesses, developers, designers and solution architects to build secure web applications from the outset. The next version of the guide is an extension from the existing version with further enhancements to make it more usable for all stake holders. The aim of the working session is to have a discussion on the shortcomings of the existing guide and to make it a basis for further enhancements, alignment of the guide to ASVS Standard and OWASP common numbering scheme, potential for alignment of all three OWASP guides (DG, CRG and TG) and the ways to improve the usefulness of the guide to all the stake holders.
Related Projects (if any)

Email Contacts & Roles Chair
Vishal Garg @

Operational Manager
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  1. Discussion on major enhancements to the next version of the development guide
  2. Discussion on aligning the guide to ASVS standard and OWASP common numbering scheme
  3. Discussion on improving the usefulness of the guide to all stakeholders
  4. Collaboration with other OWASP guides - Top 10, ASDR, CRG and TG

Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue/Room
OWASP Global Summit Portugal 2011
Date & Time

Discussion Model
participants and attendees

Projector, whiteboards, markers, Internet connectivity, power

The presence of participants on the Working Session Common structure and numbering for all guides is advisable.
Proposed by Working Group Approved by OWASP Board

An updated outline for the development guide that is tied into the OWASP common numbering scheme

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

A short white paper with ideas for revisions to the Development Guide for evaluation and discussion by the community at large.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

A committed project manager who can reach out to experts to get the document completed.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Working Session Participants

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Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed
Matthias Rohr @
SEC Consult

Eoin Keary @

Steven van der Baan @

Abraham Kang

Keith Turpin @

Fred Donovan @