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Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session061

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WS. owasp.jpg Did OWASP Failed to achieve its full potential? (and lessons learned)
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Short Work Session Description Although OWASP is a big success story in its almost 10 years of existence, could more had been achieved? Did OWASP fulfil its potential or should lessons be learned about what worked, what didn't work and what should be done differently in the future?

Gunter Ollmann raises a number of important questions on his answer to Jeremiah's blog post :

"...As someone who until fairly recently was deeply involved day-in, day-out with webapp security (and actively involved in OWASP projects) - but who now focused on other realms of security research - I'm disappointed that OWASP has failed to achieve its full potential.

OWASP needs to cross the chasm and address webapp security in the language that businesses can understand and action against. These businesses don't need to be preached to about technical inadequacies, what they need is specific guidance for their business vertical using the vocabulary they themselves use. And, more specifically, they need directly applicable worked-through examples of how their business will benefit from the proposed changes.

OWASP's traditional unguided "build it and they will come" approach has been largely unsuccessful and has had unexpected consequences (such as the PCI-DSS example).

Just like we can't expect a physicist to undertake a heart transplant just because someone handed him a medical journal detailing the process, we shouldn't be expecting embedded system engineers to pick up the OWASP application testing guide and suddenly producing secure code.

Translation of ideas or translation of ideals?..."

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A white paper capturing possible missed opportunities during the 2000’s and suggesting strategies for doing better in the 2010’s.

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