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| summit_session_attendee_notes,_reason_for_participating_and_issues_to_be discussed3=
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| summit_session_attendee_name4 = Stefano Di Paola
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Global Summit 2011 Home Page
Global Summit 2011 Tracks

WS. browser security.jpg DOM Sandboxing
Please see/use the 'discussion' page for more details about this Working Session
Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Short Work Session Description Virtualization and Sandboxing for Secure Multi-Domain Web Apps
Related Projects (if any)

Email Contacts & Roles Chair
Dr. Jasvir Nagra
Gareth Heyes
Operational Manager
John Wilander @
Mailing list
  1. Attenuated versions of existing apis to sandboxed code. How should browsers introduce new apis into the sandbox or allow the sandbox to provide attenuated versions of existing apis to sandboxed code? For example, lets say the sandbox wants to provide an attenuated "alert" function to sandboxed code which does something slightly different than the real "alert". What kind of apis could the browser provide to safely allow such extensions/apis? Do these need to be standardized such that different sandbox vendors can interoperate.
  2. Client side sandboxed apps maintaining state and authentication. For example if a user is created in a sandboxed app how is it determined what that user can do?
  3. Create a standard for modifying a sandboxed environment
  4. Deprecate and discourage standards which ambiently or undeniably pass credentials.
  5. Create a standard for authentication within a sandboxed environment (maybe interfacing with existing auth without passing creds like 0Auth works)

Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue/Room
OWASP Global Summit Portugal 2011
Date & Time
Tuesday, 09 February
Time: TBA

Discussion Model
The working form will most probably be short presentations to frame the topic and then round table discussions. Depending on number of attendees we'll break into groups.

Projector, whiteboards, markers, Internet connectivity, power


JS DOM Box Jasvir Gaz.jpg

Co-chair Dr Jasvir Nagra

Jasvir Nagra is a researcher and software engineer at Google. He is the designer of Caja - a secure subset of HTML, CSS and JavaScript; co-author of Surreptitious Software - a book on obfuscation, software watermarking and tamper-proofing, contributer to Shindig - the reference implementation of OpenSocial.

Co-chair Gareth Heyes

Gareth "Gaz" Heyes calls himself Chief Conspiracy theorist and is affiliated with Microsoft. He is the designer and developer behind JSReg – a Javascript sandbox which converts code using regular expressions; HTMLReg & CSSReg – converters of malicious HTML/CSS into a safe form of HTML. He is also one of the co-authors of Web Application Obfuscation: '-/WAFs..Evasion..Filters//alert(/Obfuscation/)-' – a book on how an attacker would bypass different types of security controls including IDS/IPS.

Proposed by Working Group Approved by OWASP Board

Browser Security Report

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Browser Security Priority List

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

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Working Session Participants

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Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed
Email John Wilander if you are unable to edit the Wiki and would like to sign up! @

Michael Coates

Colin Watson

Stefano Di Paola