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Summit 2011 Reservations

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Summit Participant Ticket (includes meals) €260 EUR ≈$350 USD
Summit Companion Ticket (includes meals)
*Attendees with companions must stay in Private Accommodations
€404 EUR ≈$550 USD
3-Nights Shared Accommodation
Tue - Thur nights
€240 EUR ≈$320 USD
4-Nights Shared Accommodation
Mon - Thur nights
€330 EUR ≈$450 USD
3-Nights Private Accommodation (one bed)
Tue - Thur nights
€315 EUR ≈$420 USD
4 Nights Private Accommodation (one bed)
Mon - Thur nights
€404 EUR ≈$550 USD

The total cost for most attendees will be €590 EUR (Summit Participant Ticket + 4-Nights Shared Accommodation). Shared accommodations will be contained in multi-room villas which hold between four and six persons. You should expect to share a room in these villas - in fact, the shared experience has been cited as the most fun and beneficial part of the previous Summit.

While we encourage all participants to stay in shared accommodations, we recognize that not all participants will be comfortable sharing accommodations. Individual hotel rooms with single beds are available at an additional cost. The typical total cost for single attendees desiring these private accommodations will be €664 EUR (Summit Participant Ticket + 4-Nights Private Accommodation).

Participants that wish to bring a companion must stay in private accommodations and the companion will cost an additional €404 EUR for a typical grand total of €1068 EUR (Summit Participant Ticket + Summit Companion Ticket + 4-Nights Private Accommodation).


Summit Participant Tickets are tickets for individual participants and include the meals listed below during each day of the Summit. Individual participants should also select their preferred accommodations (shared or private).

Individual participants may also wish to bring companions who are not participating in the Summit. Participants with companions must reserve private accommodations and purchase the Summit Companion Ticket. The Summit Companion Ticket covers the meals each day for the companion and the additional fees for an appropriate private room for both the participant and companion.

All Summit Tickets must be purchased through Diplomata Tours.

Included Meals

The following meals are included each day of the Summit for Summit Participant and Companion Tickets:

  • Morning Coffee Break
  • Lunch (consisting of pack of a sandwich, bag of chips, yogurt, fruit, cake, and soft drink or mineral water)
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • Dinner (buffet style with beverages


Shared Accommodations will be villa-style suites each containing two or three bedrooms. The bedrooms will contain multiple beds and attendees will be expected to share rooms with other attendees. Each villa has a common area living room and kitchenette which can be used to socialize and collaborate. Private Accommodations will be a single hotel room containing one bed.

In addition, breakfast is included with all accommodation packages.

All accommodations must be booked through Diplomata Tours. Do not book directly with the Campo Real resort as the we have negotiated venue, meals and room rates for the Summit through Diplomata.

Reservation Process

Attendees should contact Maria Jose (+351 213 558 963) in order to purchase Summit Tickets and reserve accommodations.

Diplomata Tours can provide airfare reservations and in many cases can offer discounted rates. Attendees may also arrange for their own airfare, unless they are being funded by OWASP, in which case the attendee must book their airfare through Diplomata. Even if you choose to book your own airfare, please send your flight itinerary to Lorna, Sarah or Jason so that we can arrange airport transfers to the Summit venue.