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Summit 2011 Attendees And Sponsors

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The OWASP Summit 2011 is going to have the highest concentration of Web Application Security Experts in the World. This page represents a top level view of the participants, for a detailed view see the Summit 2011 Attendee page

Current Sponsors

The following companies (listed in no particular order) are sponsoring their employees (some of whom are OWASP leaders) to attend the Summit:

Attendee's time and expenses

Companies or individuals that are covering the participant's time and travel expenses (estimated to be $2,000 USD)

5x attendees

  • Mozilla-logo-wordmark.png

3x attendee

2x attendee

1x attendee

Attendee's time

Companies or individuals that are covering the participant's time.

  • AppSecDC2009-Sponsor-securicon.gif
  • Lorna Alamri (self sponsored)
  • John Wilander (self sponsored
  • AT&T
  • FishNet Security
  • Electric Alchemy
  • Intrepidus Group

OWASP Projects represented

The following OWASP Projects will be represented by it's leader at the Summit:

Industry groups represented

  • Browsers - There will be a significant representation of the Browser Industry with confirmed participations from: Firefox and IE (others to be confirmed soon)
  • Microsoft Security
  • Universities: Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences , Ruhr University Bochum
  • (list not complete...)