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Summit 2011/Summit Venue Logistics

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This page contains information about logistics issues related to the Summit 2011 venue


Main point of contact: TBC

Here is all information related to Summit Venue infrastructure

Venue Information

  • (put links to venue data here (for example maps))

Wireless Network(s)

Main point of contact: Filipe Lacerda

The current plan is to have 3 Wireless networks (with maybe the hotel's used as a backup 4th)

  1. Attendees Network - this is the general access one, which will be used by all attendees. This is the one that will be hit the most and the one what will be protected and monitored by Trustwave
  2. Summit Team Network - this is a dedicated private network for the Summit Team. Access should be very limited and should have the maximum/strongest SLA (i.e. if one network cannot go down it is this one)
  3. CTF (Capture The Flag) Network - This will be a network that would contain all traffic related to CTF and other security research activities (it is an interesting question if this should be connected to the Internet, BUT, we might have authorization to perform 'ethical' security reviews to other Portuguese websites, and if so, all such tests should be executed via this network)

Summit Team 'Control Centre'

Main point of contact: TBC

Working Sessions Rooms

Main point of contact: TBC Description: Set-up rooms, create environments for smaller Working sessions

Printing/Production Station

Main point of contact: TBC

Working Areas

Main point of contact: TBC Description: A significant number of Attendees will need to perform work while they are at the Summit. A number of per-allocated spaces should be created (think 'Hot desking') so that there is a calm, silent and focused location for them to use.

Media Center and Video Recording

Main point of contact: TBC Description:

Podcast Center and OWASP Summit Radio

Main point of contact: TBC Description:

Survey Central

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description: Location where a number of OWASP related Surveys will be executed.


  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description: Specific location to:
    • Sell OWASP Summit merchandise
    • Sell OWASP Books
    • Present OWASP projects (using PCs/Laptops)
    • Central booking location for Summit events

This could be used a 'test-drive' for the OWASP Booths to create at OWASP and non-OWASP conferences

CTF central

  • Main point of contact: TBC

Social Events

Main point of contact: TBC

This is all information about the social events that will be organized at the Summit

Summit Opening Ceremony

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description:
  • Ideas: Create a motivational Video like the one created by Barcelona before the Champions League final two years ago. The OWASP band could play something

Summit Closing Ceremony

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description:
  • Last Summit: In the last Summit the Closing Ceremony had an number of OWASP Board votes and the 'Offical Ceremony for the new Committee members'

Summit Keynotes

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description:

Dinners Logistics

  • Main point of contact: TBC

Happy Hours

  • Main point of contact: TBC


  • Main point of contact: TBC

OWASP Awards

  • Main point of contact: TBC

Football (soccer) match

  • Main point of contact: L. Gustavo C. Barbato
  • When: Wednesday night (projected)
  • Description: Game of 6-a-side Football match (Soccer for the US crowd)
  • Ideas: Depending how many people will want to play football we could organize only one match, or have a mini-tournament with a 'Country vs Country' or 'Brazil vs Rest-of-the-world' or 'Builders vs vs Breakers' , etc...
  • Players:
  1. L. Gustavo C. Barbato
  2. Dan Cornell
  3. Tony UV
  4. Dinis Cruz

American Football match

  • Main point of contact: TBC

Super Bowl (American Football)

Golf Game

  • Main point of contact: TBC

Mountain Horse riding

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description: Post main conference (6PMish) walk at the local forest (work with Hotel on this)

Mountain Hike/Walk

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description:

Visit Local attractions

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description: Portugal is a very historical country and there are a number of very significant and impressive historical monuments (and locations) around the Summit's venue

Wife Activities

  • Main point of contact: TBC
  • Description: at the last summit there were a number of attendee's wifes that also participated, with a number of activities that were organized for them (which allowed the attendees to focus on the Summit :) ). This will be collection of the other social activities/ideas presented here

Gala Dinner

  • Main point of contact: TBD
  • When: Thursday (projected)
  • Description: ...

Birthday Parties

  • Main point of contact: Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman
  • When: TBD
  • Description: Identify which OWASP leader (and Summit participant) has its birthday during the Summit (from Mon 7th till Fri 11th) and prepare something special for them.
  • Who and When:
    • 8th (Tue):
      • Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman (participating remotely)
      • Lucas Ferreira
    • 11th (Fri)
      • Mateo Martinez

Other events and activities

  • Description:Put here other ideas or wordwide events that are happening during the week of the Summit
    • That week is also the Brambley Apple Week


Since there are 'XYZ Day' for everything these days, shouldn't OWASP have a DAY? We could either make it one of the Summit Days or pick another relevant date (which we would celebrate every year)

  • The concept has been previously explored: OWASP Day, but that was more of a 'synchronized OWASP Events around the world' model
  • the idea proposed is to have a fixed day of the year that we start to call from now on the 'OWASP Day' (and of course that this should be something that we celebrate and organize a number of events around it)

Safer Internet Day 2011


  • Main point of contact: Colin Watson
  • When: 8th (Tue)
  • Description: Tuesday 8th February is Safer Internet Day 2001 - Safer Internet Day is organised by Insafe each year in February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. Insafe is a European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. It is co-funded by the Safer Internet Programme. The topic for 2011 is "our virtual lives" around the slogan "It's more than a game, it's your life". Leaflet