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Summit 2011/Funding

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Please help fund the participation of OWASP Leaders and Key industry players at the next OWASP Summit


OWASP Global Summit 2011 - Fundraiser Campaign

Since 2004, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has charged an uphill battle against a myriad of threats that loom over web based infrastructures. Today, our vision, as a global, non-profit leader in the area of application security, is focused on evolving the many projects, frameworks, and tools that have been produced and shared with companies and governments all around the world for nearly 7 yeares. The goal still remains the same - to defend the castle that is the web application environment. Our global organization, comprised of the best and brightest in the field of web application security, devote their time, energy, and research in order that an arsenal of tools and guidance can be leveraged immediately by organizations across the globe. A few of our most notable efforts include the OWASP Top Ten (periodic ranking of web application's top ten risks along with mitigation techniques), WebGoat (an educational web application that shows how attacks against vulnerabilities and design flaws can take place), Anti-SAMY (a codebase to leverage across .NET and Java web apps), ESAPI (Enterprise Security API - pluggable API to existing web applicaitons in order to sanitize input/ output).

As the face of application threats continues to grow, we need your help. This February, we begin a new era of our mission by convening at the OWASP Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Many of our attendees fund their own way in order to spend a week of research and talks that will shape the next iteration of tools and deliverables for the global security community to share. As part of this effort, we need your financial support in order to get all of our top leaders present. This personal request is one that asks you to consider any monetary support for mobilizing our global leadership community to convene in less than a month. Please act today and you'll help to support the ongoing efforts of a growing non-profit that has given so much and is ready to give much more through its tools, research, frameworks, and much more.

Support us today.

How Can You Help?

As of January 10, 2011, after having spent $110,000 for organizing our global summit, we are still short of our goal. The current shortfall is what separates many of our top leaders/ contributors from attending the Summit in February. If you are a company and would like to sponsor a leader, essentially, this can be done via a pledge today. Funds are used to subsidize their travel and accommodations to and from the week-long working session. As a team, we need to get our leaders and top contributors to partake in this event. If your company or government agency has ever benefited from our efforts, please consider supporting them.

Here are some of the leaders/ contributor that need your support in order to be present at the Summit:

Name and funding requirement

Name Projected Cost
Mateo Martinez $2,300
Anurag Agarwal $1,570
Talal AlBasha $1,712
Vishal Garg $1,023
Antonio Fontes $1,006
Abraham Kang $1,938
Gandhi Aryavalli $1,853
Mohd Fazli Azran $2,230
Steven van der Baan $1,020
Mike Zusman $1,570
Raul Siles $865
Jeremy Long $1,703

Consider becoming a member or an organizational support today. Every level of support is appreciated and will help to serve the needs or our voluntary, global based security efforts. Contribute Now!

Personal Requests from Our Leaders

As part of this global campaign, our global leaders have devised their own communication to you in regards to supporting the global summit for 2011. Please take a moment to see their thoughts and request in their own words.