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Summit 2011/External Contractors

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This page contains details about the external contractors used for the OWASP Summit

Budget implications

current: 9,000 USD
projected: 18,500 USD

  • Diplomata: (absorbed by the Summit ticket)
  • Sarah Baso: 4,000 USD
  • Marta Pegorelli: 5,000 USD
  • Sarah Cruz: 2,000 USD + Travel (projected)
  • Sandra Paiva: 2,000 USD (projected)
  • PR Resource: 2,000 USD (projected)
  • Onsite design production and events organizer: 3,500 USD + Travel (projected)



  • Role: Summit Travel Agency, relationship with Venue
  • Cost: 10 EUR per booking (commission)
  • Contact: Maria Jose Madeira @
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: OWASP Summit 2008
  • Contract negotiated by: Dinis Cruz/Paulo Coimbra
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: None
  • Deliverables:
    • Venue negotiations, including meeting rooms, equipment, and food
    • Accommodation negotiations, including block reservations with venue
    • Airport transfers for all attendees
    • Book travel for attendees funded by OWASP (prior to January 10, 2010)
  • CV (professional references):

Sarah Baso

  • Role: Logistical Support
  • Cost: 4000 USD (stipend)
  • Contact: Sarah Baso @
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: None
  • Contract negotiated by: Dinis Cruz
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: wife of Adam Baso
  • Deliverables:
    • Created original Summit logo
    • Created Invitation and Sponsorship letters for attendees/employers
    • Update/Maintain Summit wiki pages
    • Respond to frequently asked questions
    • Respond to problems with Summit wiki pages
    • Calculate projected budget estimates for attendees
    • Track sponsored attendee bookings
    • Assist non-sponsored attendees with booking
    • Facilitate communication with Diplomata
    • Book air travel for all sponsored attendees
    • Facilitate creation and maintenance of working session pages
  • CV (professional references): TBD

Marta Pegorelli

  • Role: Organize the OWASP Summit Brazilian Delegation
  • Cost: 5000 USD (fee)
  • Contact: N/A
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: Organizer of OWASP AppSec Brazil 2010 (hire by one of conference sponsors)
  • Contract negotiated by: Dinis Cruz
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: None
  • Deliverables: ..
  • CV (professional references): TBD

Sarah Cruz

  • Role: Summit Designer
  • Cost: 2000 USD (fee)
  • Contact: Sarah Cruz @
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: designer for OWASP Summit 2008, designed O2 Platform Identity
  • Contract negotiated by: Justin Clarke
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: Wife of Dinis Cruz
  • Deliverables:
    • Summit identity
      • logos
      • logo with "I'll be attending"
      • folder cover
      • powerpoint template
      • identity/signage for tracks etc
    • Summit Marketing materials
      • summit promotional material (i.e. tshirt, beer glass, etc...)
      • summit adverts
    • venue related design
      • pop-up signs (i.e. entrance banner, way-finding signs)
      • Room's and Villa branding ((i.e. mozilla villa, XYZ Room)
      • Venue maps (conference center, villas)
    • Extra (if available time): Summit Specific designs
      • "where people came from Map"
      • "who's here"
  • CV (professional references): Gatwick Airport Identity, English Sport Council Identity, Glenmorangie whiskey packaging , Johnnie Walker packaging

Sandra Paiva

  • Role: Working Sessions Editor
  • Cost: 2000 USD (fee)
  • Contact: Sandra Paiva @
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: OWASP Academies; OWASP Training
  • Contract negotiated by: Under Negotiation
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: Worked before with Dinis Cruz, Paulo Coimbra's wife
  • Deliverables: TBD
    • Single point of contact for all Working Sessions queries
    • Responsible for the Working Sessions Content
    • Responsible for the creation of new working sessions
    • Consolidation of existing Working Sessions and Tracks
    • Deletion of Working Sessions that have no community interest (or no content, or no registrations). These could be added to the 'Birds of a Feather' list
    • Contact Working sessions leaders and ask them to update their working sessions content
    • Assist to Working Sessions leaders in editing or updating their content
    • Manage the working session registration system
    • On site management of Working Sessions (i.e. at the Summit)
  • CV (professional references): Wiki username page, CV

Under negotiation

PR Resource

  • Role:
  • Cost: 2000 USD (fee)
  • Contact:
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: ..
  • Contract negotiated by: ..
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: ..
  • Deliverables: ..
  • CV (professional references): TBD

Onsite design production and events organizer

  • Role:
  • Cost: 3500 USD (fee) + TBD USD (summit attendee costs)
  • Contact:
  • Past OWASP work/involvement: ..
  • Contract negotiated by: ..
  • Personal Connection to an OWASP leader: ..
  • Deliverables: ..
  • CV (professional references): TBD