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Summit 2011

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OWASP Summit 2008 in Portugal

Dear OWASP Leaders and appsec community,

January/February 2011 it's time for the Global OWASP Summit. The place where appsec experts meet, discuss, work, socialize, and set the roadmap for OWASP.

The Summit Activates -You-

Whereas the OWASP AppSec conferences are great places to listen to interesting talks, go for training, and meet with OWASP people, the Global Summit is the place where we all sit down together and take the time to discuss and work out plans, projects and solutions for the appsec future.

Examples of topics:

  • How should we support the OWASP projects?
  • How can we work with browser vendors to enhance security (see "Browser Day" tab above)?
  • How should the community reach out to developers and education institutions?
  • How often should we publish the OWASP Top 10?
  • How can OWASP support your chapter?

Who's Invited?

As an OWASP leader you are automatically invited to the summit, but we also welcome leading experts from industry and academia. Together we can create a more secure web. Check the "How Do I Join?" tab above for more info.

Organizing Committee

A group of very experienced and passionate OWASPers have joined the organizing committee for Global Summit 2011.

• Lorna Alamri
• Brad Causey
• Justin Clarke
• Paulo Coimbra
• Dinis Cruz
• Martin Knobloch
• Dave Wichers
• John Wilander

Browser Day!

One of the great challenges of application security is browser security.

Therefore we will spend a full day working together with the leading browser vendors to penetrate current problems, new ideas, and how security fits in alongside other requirements from developers and endusers.

Do not miss this chance to define what's important in browser security in the coming years.


Please edit this tab and enter topics we should cover during the Browser Day. If you want you can add your name after each suggestion and we can work out the details with you.

  • How should browsers signal invalid SSL certs to the enduser? Are we helping security right now? /John Wilander
  • [Your topic here]

OWASP Projects

We will have a session on how OWASP should support, grow, and manage projects. This includes:

  • Assessment criteria
  • Orphaned projects
  • Funding
  • Marketing
  • Commercial services

As an OWASP leader you have most probably seen some of the above topics discussed on the leaders list. Now is the time to boil down to consensus.

OWASP Around the World

OWASP is a fast growing global community. How should we support and manage this growth? During this session we'll look into issues of:

More Topics

You know how OWASP works – it's all up to you. Please edit this tab and enter topics we should cover during the Global Summit 2011! If you want you can add your name after each suggestion and we can work out the details with you.

  • Discussion on Douglas Crockford's bold statement that we should stop HTML5 development, fix XSS, and then start over. Is he right? How is OWASP active in the HTML5 development? Check this webcast, jump to 20:50 to hear the XSS part. /John Wilander
  • [Your topic here]

How Do I Join?

As an OWASP leader you are automatically invited to the summit.

The first thing to do is to join the Summit 2011 mailing list. It's just about to be set up. Until then just drop an email to John.Wilander at and he'll subscribe you asap.

On the mailing list you'll get first hand information on how to register, exact dates, updates to the agenda, funding for your trip etc.

If you are a leading appsec expert from industry or academia but not yet an OWASP leader you can just contact John.Wilander at and we'll try to get you in.

Social Events

It goes without saying – the summit is all about meeting people. So there will be a constant mixture of workshops, dinners, beers and wine. We like to think of the summit as a very social event in itself.


We are currently checking out three locations discussing prices and space for all our activities. Check the "How Do I Join?" tab on how to get the latest info in your inbox.


We will allow for a few sponsors of this very special event. If you are interested in supporting the global summit, please contact Lorna.Alamri at