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==== Welcome  ====
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| [[Image:OWASPGlobalSummitLogo-3THISONEHASTHEMOSTVOTESSOFAR.jpg|border|center|462x347px]]
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=== Dear OWASP Leaders and appsec community,  ===
<br>The Summit will be held February 8th-11th in (Cascais) Lisbon, Portugal. This will be the place where appsec experts meet, discuss, work, socialize, and set the roadmap for OWASP in coming years. <br><br>
=== The Summit Activates *You*  ===
Whereas the OWASP AppSec conferences are great places to listen to interesting talks, go for training, and meet with OWASP people, the Global Summit is the place where we all sit down together and take the time to discuss and work out plans, projects and solutions for the appsec future.
Examples of topics:
*How should we support the OWASP projects?
*How can we work with browser vendors to enhance security (see "Browser Day" tab above)?
*How should the community reach out to developers and education institutions?
*How often should we publish the OWASP Top 10?
*How can OWASP support your chapter?
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| align="center" | [[Image:Final summit logo half.jpg|link=]] <br/>
=== Organizing Committee  ===
| align="center" | [[Image:Summit_Report_Title.JPG|link=]] <br/> [ Click here to view the report!]<br/>[[:Summit_2011_Outcomes| Click here to view all Summit documentation including session notes and presentations.]]<br/>
[[User:Lorna Alamri|Lorna Alamri]], [[User:Bradcausey|Brad Causey]], [[User:Justin42|Justin Clarke]], [[User:Paulo Coimbra|Paulo Coimbra]], [[User:Dinis.cruz|Dinis Cruz]], [[User:Knoblochmartin|Martin Knobloch]], [[User:Wichers|Dave Wichers]], [[User:John.wilander|John Wilander]], [[User:Jason Li|Jason Li]], Tara Causey, Sarah Baso.
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=== Who's Invited?  ===
As an OWASP leader you are automatically invited to the summit, but we also welcome leading experts from industry and academia. Together we can create a more secure web. Check the "How Do I Join?" tab above for more info.
<!---[[Image:Summit Group 4.jpg|border|OWASP Summit 2008 in Portugal]] --->
====Summit Links====
*[ Summit Pictures]
*[[Summit 2011/Open letter to WebAppSec Tool and Services vendors: Release your schemas and allow automation|Open letter to WebAppSec Tool and Services vendors]]
*[[Summit 2011/Media|PRESS RELEASES & Media Mentions]]<br/>
*[[Summit 2011 Attendee|Who is going?]]<br/>
*[[Summit 2011/Venue|Where is the venue?]]<br/>
*[[Summit_2011_Corporate_Sponsorship|How can I become a corporate sponsor?]]<br/>
*[[Summit_2011_FAQ|Other Frequently Asked Questions]]<br/>
*[[Summit_2011/Emails_To_Attendees|Emails to Attendees]]<br/>
*[[:Category:Summit 2011 Tracks|Summit 2011 Working Sessions]]<br/>
*[ If you can't attend in person, register here for remote participation]
*[ Video Broadcast Channels]
*[[Summit_2011_Archived|Summit 2011 Archived]]<br/>
*[[Summit 2011 Internals|Summit 2011 Internals]]
==== Operational guidelines  ====
Following the first meeting of the Summit 2011 Organizational team, here are the current proposed operational guidelines:
#the summit is an annual event
#outside OWASP conference
#the summit should take place in January not later then begin of February
#the summit takes 3 to 4 days
#budget aim is US$ 150'000 US$ where 50'000 from OWASP and US$100'000 from sponsors
#attendees targets are:
##OWASP Funded:
###Committee Members
##Chapter / sponsor Funded:
###Chapter Leaders
##Project Leaders
#venue / location criteria (no decision on the venue)
##1 key organizer in close contact with the venue
##hosting 30 to 100 people
##US$2'000 a head (flight/accommodation/food/beers)
##conference facilities
###multiple meeting rooms
###one big meeting room e.g. auditorium
###hotel with the conference facilities or conference venue within walking distance
###apartments if possible (to share apartments/rooms and save money)
###4 to 5 star hotel
###local food supplier for apartment crashing
###has to be negotiated with the hotel
###max 50 km's form international airport
###sufficient Internet access!
'''Success factors (what indicates the summit as success)'''
==== Video of Summit ====
#break even
=== Vimeo ===
#the summits are the place to go to discus about and working on Web Application Security
#review of the past year
#working sessions on committees, projects and industry sectors (e.g. browsers and frameworks)
##universities / education sessions
##committee member election
##board election
##strategic OWASP issues
##road map and action plans for the next 12 month
Other local Summit(s):  
*The conferences are free to organize small, conference bound summit
=== YouTube Intro ===
*this are not sponsored by OWASP of OWASP summit budget
==== Agenda (draft)  ====
== Browser Day  ==
[ Summit Pictures]
One of the great challenges of application security is browser security. The browser is becoming our de facto runtime platform for applications and it comprises a whole ecosystem of plugins and web technologies.Therefore we will spend a full day working together with the leading browser vendors to penetrate current problems, new ideas, and how security fits in alongside other requirements from developers and endusers.Do not miss this chance to influence what's important in browser security in the coming years.  
==== Creating OWASP 4.0! ====
*'''Sandboxing'''. Is sandboxing the right way forward? Can sandboxing be harmonized with the origin policies for cookies, scripting, and ajax – i e share the same compartmentalization? How should we apply sandboxing to plugins?
*'''Securing plugins'''. Should browsers ship with default plugins? Should plugins be auto-updated? Can plugins or versions of plugins be blacklisted centrally?
*'''Enduser warnings'''. How should browsers signal invalid SSL certs to the enduser? Are we helping security right now? What to do about 50&nbsp;% of users clicking through warnings?
*'''Blacklisting'''. Can we cooperate better on blacklisting? Does it work between cultures, i e can we have the same process for reporting throughout the world?
*'''OS integration'''. More and more features in browsers get integrated with the underlying operating system. Processes, fonts, filesystem, 3D graphics. How do we secure this?
*'''JavaScript'''. How do we secure the universally deployed web application language. Much focus has been on execution performance but what about security? Is EcmaScript 5 strict-mode coming anytime soon ([ currently none does])? Are (more) secure "dialects" such as [ FBJS] and [ Caja] the way to go? What's happening in EcmaScript Harmony?
*'''New HTTP headers'''. Are new opt-in HTTP headers the right way to add security features? For example [ Strict Transport Security], [ x-frame-options], [ origin] and [ Content Security Policy].<br>
== XSS Eradication ==
==== Fixed Schedule ====
[[:Summit_2011_Schedule|Click HERE to view the entire summit fixed schedule. This is just a sample.<br/>]]
[[Image:Agenda Unvarying 2.jpg|link=Summit_2011_Schedule]]
We will have a half day working session on Cross Site Scripting - specifically how OWASP can make 2011 the year of XSS... going away. How we help bring this about through contributing our knowledge to cornerstone projects, how we can raise the awareness through advocacy, and what we can do to ensure that OWASP and other freely available resources and made available to the wider community, and that they are aware of them. <br>
==== Dynamic Schedule ====
[[:Summit_2011_Schedule_Dynamic|Click HERE to view the entire summit dynamic schedule. This is just a sample<br/>]]
[[Image:Agenda Dynamic 2.JPG|link=Summit 2011 Schedule Dynamic]]
== Enterprise Web Defense Roundtable  ==
How are enterprises defending web applications. Discussion of best practices, effective methods, and new ideas to enhance web application defense. (Session Leader: Michael Coates, Mozilla)
==== Remote Participants ====
[[:Summit_2011/Remote_Participants|Details on how to participate remotely are HERE.]]
== University Reachout ==
This summit will be the place to bring the OWASP Educational Supporters together! What security major and minor educations are out there? How can OWASP participate and influence their curricula? How can the relationship between Universities and OWASP be standardized? What does OWASP has to offer to and expects from Universities?
== OWASP Projects ==
<headertabs />  
We will have a session on how OWASP should support, grow, and manage projects. This includes:<br>-Assessment criteria<br>-Orphaned projects<br>-Funding<br>-Marketing<br>-Commercial services
Contact [mailto:sarah.[email protected]| Sarah Baso] with questions related to Summit outcomes or results<br/>
[[Summit 2011 Committee|Summit 2011 Committee]]<br/>
==== OWASP Around the World  ====
OWASP is a fast growing global community. How should we support and manage this growth? During this session we'll look into issues of:
*[ Internationalization]  
*The [ global job board]
*New OWASP chapters in parts of the world where we have not spread much yet
==== More Topics  ====
You know how OWASP works – it's all up to you. Please '''edit this tab and enter topics we should cover''' during the Global Summit 2011! If you want you can add your name after each suggestion and we can work out the details with you.
*Discussion on Douglas Crockford's bold statement that we should stop HTML5 development, fix XSS, and then start over. Is he right? How is OWASP active in the HTML5 development? Check [ this webcast], jump to 20:50 to hear the XSS part. /John Wilander
*[Your topic here]
==== How Do I Join? / Mailing list  ====
As an OWASP leader you are automatically invited to the summit.
The first thing to do is to join the [ Summit 2011 mailing list].
On the mailing list you'll get first hand information on how to register, exact dates, updates to the agenda, funding for your trip etc.
If you are a leading appsec expert from industry or academia but not yet an OWASP leader you can just contact John.Wilander at and we'll try to get you in.
==== Social Events  ====
It goes without saying – the summit is all about meeting people. So there will be a constant mixture of workshops, dinners, beers and wine. We like to think of the summit as a very social event in itself.
==== Venue  ====
A Day in Lisbon, Portugal:
[[Image:Cascais2.jpg]]<br><br>Click this link to see all the City of Lisbon has to offer, which is only a short train ride from the resort.<br>[]<br>or<br>[]<br>'''Lisbon''' - Spreading out along the right bank of the Tagus, its downtown, the Baixa, is located in the 18th-century area around Rossio. East of the arcade Praça do Comércio, are the medieval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria, crowned by the magnificent St. George's Castle. To the west lie Bairro Alto and Madragoa, with their typical streets, and on the western extreme is Belém, with its Belém Tower, (the sentinel over the Tagus river that protects the entrance into Lisbon), the Jerónimos Monastery (masterpieces of Manueline architecture and classified in UNESCO's International Heritage list) and the Cultural Center of Belém.[ <br>Museums:] Ancient Art, Chiado (Contemporary Art), Tile, Archaeology, Ethnology, Coach, Costume, Theater, Maritime, Military, City, Gulbenkian, Modern Art Center, and the Ricardo Espirito Santo Silva Foundation. Palaces open to the public: Ajuda and Fronteira. Churches: Cathedral (with Treasury); São Vicente de Fora; Conceição Velha (Manueline), São Roque and Sacred Art; Madre Deus; Santa Engrácia Pantheon (Baroque), and the Estrela Basilica.<br>[ Shopping:] Downtown; Avenida de Roma, Praça de Londres, Avenida Guerra Junqueiro, and Amoreiras. <br>[ Nightlife:] Bairro Alto and Avenida 24 de Julho.<br>[ Guided Tours]<br><br>
==== Sponsoring  ====
We will welcome a few sponsors of this very special event, typically organization that participate in the summit. If you are interested in supporting the global summit, please contact Lorna.Alamri at
'''Attendees that qualify to be sponsored by OWASP<br>Some leaders that are active within OWASP may qualify to have all or partial transportation and lodging paid for by OWASP.<br>To be considered for qualification, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:'''
#Member of the OWASP Board
#Active member of a Global Committee (as determined by the OWASP Board)
#Operational personnel that are necessary for the operation of the Summit
'''Current sponsorship budget is $50,000 for the Summit.'''
If you feel you might qualify, please contact Brad Causey or Jason Li. If you do not meet these criteria, and still feel that you should be sponsored, please contact {{Template:Contact | name = Brad Causey | email = [email protected]}}
or {{Template:Contact | name = Jason Li | email = [email protected]}}
==== Event Sponsorship  ====
<headertabs />

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Final summit logo half.jpg
Summit Report Title.JPG
Click here to view the report!
Click here to view all Summit documentation including session notes and presentations.

Summit Links


Video of Summit


YouTube Intro

Summit Pictures

Creating OWASP 4.0!

Call to action by Jeff Williams / OWASP Board Chair

Hi everyone,

In my mind, OWASP 1.0 was pre-wiki with lots of great work and a less great infrastructure. OWASP 2.0 was establishing the 501c3, putting in the wiki, and getting lots of great projects started. OWASP 3.0 started with the Summit in Portugal when we created the new committees and has focused on creating thriving projects instead of standalone tools. Thank you for all of your efforts growing a fun, civil, productive community.

I reach out to you now to ask you to take some time and think about what OWASP should become. The time has come to measure our success not by the number of members, projects, and conferences, but by whether we are succeeding at making the world’s software more secure. It’s time to get our message and strategy to the next level.

Help design OWASP in Portugal at the Summit!

If you consider yourself an OWASP Leader, won’t you take a few minutes of quiet time and propose a few ideas for how OWASP can retool, reorganize, refocus, and revamp itself to really achieve our mission? We will rip, mix, and burn these ideas into a new strategy for OWASP at the Portugal Summit. I encourage you to check out the resort and all the plans happening right now at

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • We bootstrap several application security ecosystems around key technologies like mobile, cloud, REST
  • We reach out to governments around the world to help them push for application security
  • We raise money to fund real security enhancements to tools, browsers, protocols (e.g. OpenSSL)
  • We make the OWASP materials more usable by providing a “user” site and keep the wiki for development
  • We invest in marketing AppSec – How do we scale David Rice and the “greening” of AppSec
  • We continue our education initiative – academies, college chapters, videos, curriculum
  • We continue our browser initiative and do whatever it takes to get the browsers and frameworks talking
  • We invest in getting in front of new technologies like HTML5
  • We launch a no-holds barred XSS eradication campaign
  • We create a set of objective AppSec *market* metrics that quantify the state of our art
  • We continue to push on creating standards
  •  ???

We need your ideas NOW. Get yourself on the Attendee list!

In one week of thinking, arguing, coding, hacking, and writing we are going to accomplish more than the rest of the world’s appsec efforts combined. We’ll see you in Portugal ready to rock. Thanks!


OWASP Foundation Board Chair

Summit 2011 About

The OWASP Global Summit is the place where application security experts meet to discuss plans, projects and solutions for the future of application security. The Summit is not a conference - there are no talks or training seminars - this is an opportunity to do actual work to further the field of application security. Participants will stay in shared accommodations and collaborate to produce tangible progress towards influencing standards, establishing roadmaps, and setting the tone for OWASP and application security for the coming years.

The Summit will consist of working sessions across a variety of topics set by our community. Participants are free to attend any working session, but we encourage everyone to select working sessions for topics where they have the most to contribute.

Anyone can attend the Summit! OWASP community members, application security experts, industry players, and developers are all welcome at the Summit. If you would like to receive a personalized invitation for yourself or another person, see the promotional materials page.

Last Summit

This OWASP Global Summit is following the same model used at the OWASP EU Summit 08 which also took place in Portugal and gathered over 80 application security experts from over 20 countries. A smaller Summit 2009 was organized together with the AppSec US conference.

Fixed Schedule

Click HERE to view the entire summit fixed schedule. This is just a sample.
Agenda Unvarying 2.jpg

Dynamic Schedule

Click HERE to view the entire summit dynamic schedule. This is just a sample
Agenda Dynamic 2.JPG

Remote Participants

Details on how to participate remotely are HERE.

Contact Sarah Baso with questions related to Summit outcomes or results
Summit 2011 Committee