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[[newmembership|Return to Membership]]
[[newmembership|Return to Membership]]
Please, use your student email to sign up for membership.

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Any individual who is a part or full-time student at a higher education institution is eligible for the classification.

  • As a member of the internet community you agree with the ethics and principles of the OWASP Foundation.
  • You want to underscore your awareness of software security.
  • You want to continue to increase your value, knowledge and expand your skills when attending OWASP conferences at a discount.
  • You want to expand your network of global contacts. Membership in one of OWASP's Chapters immediately puts you in contact with a local circle of peers with similar interests and concerns. OWASP LinkedIn Group
  • You want to support your future career.
  • You get a email address (standard format [email protected]) if you desire to collaborate with peers globally. You do not have to use your university/personal email address if you do not want to. Submit a request.
  • You will have (1) vote for annual elections on issues that shape the direction of the community.

$20/USD Student Membership

You can join as a Student Member here (Please use your student email address when applying for a student membership.)

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