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Staff-Projects/DefCon 27 Event

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DEFCON 27 Hacking Conference

  • When: August 8-11, 2019
  • Where: Paris, Bally's, & Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
  • OWASP Board requested and approved the conference

Project Links


Community Outreach initiative


  • 2019-2-28 Vendor application submitted [Lisa] DONE
  • Granted approval of vendor application [DEFCON]
  • 2019-3-4 Submit a proposed budget for the event for approval [Lisa]
  • Artwork completed by 2 vendors [Jon McCoy]
  • ALL SWAG ordered - [Lisa]
  • Volunteers to work booth
  • When milestones are completed, mark them as such with ??
  • A milestone isn’t everyone’s to-do list, it is the high-level tasks of the project
  • If you have more than 20 milestones, you’re being too granular


  • Lisa Jones [OWASP Staff}
  • Jon McCoy [[email protected]] requested approval from the board to do event and received approval for $ 3,500 for artwork. (2018 $2,500 spent on artwork for this event)

Name & URLs


Registration is not available. Only accept cash


The high level budget should be listed below as a table. The full budget should be linked here and in a Google Sheet in the OWASP instance set to public (read-only12q).

Description Amount
+ Registration 0.00
+ Training 0.00
+ Sponsorships 0.00
+ Booth 8X8 $1,750
+Artwork (2 new designs) $3,500
+ SWAG $7,000
+ 1staff travel & accomidations $1,200
+ Booth tickets for volunteers $1,700
Forcasted (+/-) $18,200

Provide a link to a full budget