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Staff-Projects/Board Elections/2019 Global Board of Directors Election

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General Election Information

For general election information, including eligibility requirements, who can vote and how to vote, along with other frequently asked questions, please visit:

OWASP Board Elections

Board Member Seats

The following individuals' Board Member Seats will expire on December 31, 2019.

  • Owen Pendlebury
  • Chenxi Wang
  • Sherif Mansour
  • Ofer Maor

Meet the Candidates and listen to their interviews

Links to the interviews will be posted here on or before September 6

4 seats are open for this election

Ricardo Supo Picón

Haral Tsitsivas

Sherif Mansour

Kenneth Farrow

Teuta Hyseni

Ryan Tierney

Valencia Payne

Ofer Maor

Vandana Verma Sehgal

Jon Nice

Santosh Pandit

Andrew Stevens

Ali AlEnezi

Ricardo Rodriguez

Joe Blanchard

Bil Corry

Shawn Kammerdiener

Grant Ongers

Owen Pendlebury

Trevor Hogan


  • 2019-07-02 - Notify the current board member(s) whose term is up [Mike] COMPLETE
  • 2019-07-03 - Call for Candidates Opens (Apply Here!)
  • 2019-07-03 - Submission for Questions From the Community for the Candidate Interviews - (Submit a Question Here)
  • 2019-07-10 - Email Reminder Call For Candidates & Questions from the Community
  • 2019-07-17 - Email Reminder Call For Candidates & Questions from the Community
  • 2019-07-24 - Email Reminder Call For Candidates & Questions from the Community
  • 2019-07-31 - Deadline for Call for Candidates Closes
  • 2019-07-31 - Deadline for Questions from the Community
  • 2019-08-06 - Verification of candidates
  • 2019-08-08 - Scheduling of group interviews
  • 2019-08-13 - Candidates announced via email and social media
  • 2019-08-15 - The 6-7 top questions from the community will be selected & shared with Candidates
  • 2019-08-17 - Email Reminder Membership Required to Vote
  • 2019-08-20 - Deadline to complete Group interviews will be held
  • 2019-08-24 - Email Reminder Membership Required to Vote
  • 2019-08-30 - Deadline for interview recordings to be completed
  • 2019-09-06 - Recordings posted on the election wiki page
  • 2019-09-06 - Email/Social Media notifying the community the recordings are posted
  • 2019-09-07 - Final Email Reminder Membership Required to Vote
  • 2019-09-13 - Paid Membership Deadline
  • 2019-09-16 - Voting opens
  • 2019-10-16 - Voting closes
  • 2019-10-17 - Results shared with all candidates (morning per US Eastern time)
  • 2019-10-17 - Results shared via email and social media (evening per US Eastern time)

Notifying Email to Expiring Board Members

Dear Board Member,

As the 2019 Global Board of Directors election gets set to kick off this week, I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all of the countless hours you have donated to the OWASP Foundation.

Come December 31, 2019 your term will be successfully fulfilled. According to the OWASP Foundation Bylaws you are eligible to run again in the upcoming election should you choose to run for the open Board seats.

Thank you again for your contributions in helping to improve the OWASP Foundation!