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SpoC 007 - Owasp Orizon Project

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AoC Candidate: Paolo Perego

Project coordinator: Dinis Cruz

Project Progress: 100% Complete, Progress Page

Paolo Perego - OWASP Orizon Project

Executive Summary

Owasp Orizon [16] Project born in 2006 as answer to the lack of common engine and library usable by opensource code review related tools.

I'm proposing that, during the Spring of Code 2007 period, I'll complete static analisys API and java source code enforment objects.

Sometimes a complete code review approach is not suitable for most customers who wants to harden their code which is being approaching release stage. For such a reason, I started writing Java objects that embeds most of the security checks against common web vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL injection, Session handling, ...) so that source code can be hardened with a small effort in terms of code rewriting.

I do believe that a common set of API and a common safe coding best practices library is one of the most important goals to bring application security to the developers.

Objectives and Deliverables

Completing the static code review API section:

  • improving programming language to XML translator
  • improving security best practices code review scan library
  • improving secure coding fashion best practices library
  • writing the pattern matching scan using the aformentioned libraries

Writing the java source code enforment objects

  • writing an object to handle form data values to avoid XSS
  • writing an object to handle form data values to avoid SQL Injection
  • writing an object to handle HttpRequest and HttpSession objects

Why I should be sponsored for the project

Owasp Orizon is the first Owasp project I'm involved in. I'm also contributor of Owasp Italian chapter managed by Matteo Meucci and I'm talking at various speeches about application security and safe coding best practices.

I'm a security consultant working in ethical hacking and we're approaching code review and safe topics right now. I'm a developer too so I understand also the "dark side" of the problem developing code with security in mind.

I work using the "release early release often" paradigm so to be concrete and let other people having something usable to work with.

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