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SpoC 007 - OWASP LiveCD Education Project - Progress Page

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The OWASP LiveCD Education Project is intended to be a educational supplement to the LabRat LiveCD. The Education Project goal is to provide comprehensive and relevant guilds and tutorials detailing the use of tools contained within LabRat through the use of written tutorials and accompanying videos.


OWASP - WebScarab Exploiting Input Validation PDFHTML
Exploiting parameters and input validation.
OWASP - LabRat Up and Running on Hard Disk PDF HTML
Guide to installing OWASP LabRat to your hard disk.
OWASP - Running WebGoat in LabRat PDFHTML
Guide to getting WebGoat up and Running in LabRat.
OWASP - Using JBroFuzzer in LabRat PDF HTML
Introduction to using JBroFuzzer in LabRat.
OWASP - WebGoat Introduction to XSS PDF HTML
Introduction and working examples of XSS using WebGoat in LabRat.
OWASP - Building Your Own LabRat ISO PDF HTML
Guide to building your own custom LabRat ISO distribution.

Project Sponsor

The OWASP LiveCD Education Project sponsor:


Feedback and Participation

It is our hope that the OWASP LiveCD Education Project will be of valuable contribution to LabRat and a important source of educational resources for the security community. Please contribute to the project by volunteering to write additional material, sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to [email protected].