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SpoC 007 - OWASP LiveCD Education Project

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AoC Candidate: Josh Sweeney

Project coordinator: Eoin Keary

Project Progress: 50% Complete, Progress Page

Josh Sweeney - OWASP LiveCD Education Project

Executive Summary

I am proposing a new project that will educate current OWASP LiveCD users and assist in generating more LiveCD users. The education will be conducted by creating documentation and media using popular tutorial techniques such as Challenges, text tutorials, and video tutorials. The tutorials will help guide all types of users through using the OWASP LiveCD and its tools. After the completion of this project we propose that all of the media be added to the LiveCD so that users have a single all encompassing package to expand their knowledge of application security. This project will effectively bring together documentation for many OWASP projects into one deliverable that can be used at conferences, trade shows, and by educators. The key to promoting a live security distribution is helping the community learn to love every aspect of it.


The objective is to produce multiple quality instructor led video tutorials and text tutorials that educate users on using the LiveCD and tools within. This will also include in assisting to make sure that the LiveCD is not only an array of tools but a powerful medium for education.


  • 5 Full screen video tutorials on using the LiveCD and the OWASP tools on it.
  • 5 Text tutorials using the LiveCD and the OWASP tools on it.
  • 3 Guided challenge scenarios that help a user learn more about the LiveCD.
  • A Morphix module with all educational data included to be added to the LiveCD.

Each deliverable will be OWASP branded so that any distribution ( With OWASP approval )of the material will help bring in new OWASP users.

Why should the OWASP LiveCD Education Project be sponsored?

The LiveCD Education Project should be sponsored because it will help educate current and new users on many OWASP tools in a popular format. Videos are one of the hottest mediums used on the web, the possibilities of reaching people with the deliverables from this project are endless. This can be proven by searching YouTube for BackTrack or by going to other popular security tutorial sites like IronGeek.

Why I should be sponsored

I currently operate a website ( ) dedicated towards getting the word out and educating people on using live security distributions. Through managing this site I have developed experience in promoting, educating, and writing about live security distributions. I have a continuing interest as well as a tremendous time investment in helping live security distributions succeed.

Before my current full time position in web application security I worked in a managed security services environment where I managed firewalls, IDS, IPS, and various other security devices for companies of all sizes.

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