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SpoC 007 - Attacks Reference Guide - Progress Page

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The Attack reference guide is being developed by NSRAV Security Research group and Przemyslaw 'Rezos' Skowron. In order to avoid work superposition, the project was divided in 3 phases comprising the following activities:

  1. Attack list revision and description
  2. Attacks categorization
  3. Research and describe new attacks

CheckPoints and Decision

Phase 1

  • Attack List Revision: Done!
  • Attacks Description: 20 of 84 items done!

Phase 2 - DONE!

The attacks categorization was based on Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification - CAPEC, since it is maintained by a respected entity and wide enough to fit all web application attacks.

The categories defined are:

  • Abuse of Functionality
  • Spoofing
  • Probabilistic Techniques
  • Exploitation of Authentication
  • Resource Depletion
  • Exploitation of Privilege/Trust
  • Injection (Injecting Control Plane content through the Data Plane)
  • Data Structure Attacks
  • Data Leakage Attacks
  • Resource Manipulation
  • Protocol Manipulation
  • Time and State Attacks

It was also defined the threats categorization based on WASC Threat Classification v2, under development.

Phase 3

  • Research new attacks
  • New attacks description