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SnowFROC Tentative Schedule

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Agenda and Presentations: 5 March 2009

The agenda follows the successful OWASP conference two tracks format, with opening keynotes and presentations in the main auditorium, split tracks in the middle of the day, and closing panel discussions back in the main auditorium.

March 5, 2009
07:30-08:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast in the Sponsor Expo Room
08:30-08:35 Welcome to SnowFROC AppSec 2009 Conference

David Campbell, OWASP Denver

08:35-09:45 Keynote: The Top Ten Hacks of 2009

Jeremiah Grossman, CTO: Whitehat Security

09:45-10:15 OWASP State of the Union

Tom Brennan, OWASP Board

10:15-10:30 Break - Expo - CTF - Beatz by DJ Jackalope
Management / Executive Track: Room 1 Deep Technical Track: Room 2
10:30-11:15 "Doing More with Less: Automate or Die"

Ed Bellis, CISO: Orbitz

"Poor Man's Guide to Breaking PKI: Why You Don't Need 200 Playstations"

Mike Zusman, Intrepidus Group

11:15-12:00 "Fixing FISMA: the CAG, AppSec and the SANS Top 25"

Alan Paller, SANS

"Adobe Flex, AMF 3 and BlazeDS: An Assessment" (Tool Release!)

Kevin Stadmeyer, Trustwave

12:00-13:00 Lunch - Expo - CTF - Beatz by DJ Jackalope
Management / Executive Track: Room 1 Deep Technical Track: Room 2
13:00-13:50 "Building an Effective Application Security Program"

Joey Peloquin, Fishnet Security

"Bad Cocktail: Spear Phishing + Application Hacks"

Rohyt Belani, Intrepidus Group

13:50-14:50 "Vulnerability Management in an Application Security World"

John Dickson & Dan Cornell, Denim Group

"SQL injection exploitation internals: How do I exploit this web application injection point?"

Bernardo Damele, Portcullis

14:50-15:00 Break - Expo - CTF - Beatz by DJ Jackalope
15:00-15:50 "Security Policy Management: Best Practices for Web Services and Application Security"

Ray Neucom, IBM

"Automated vs. Manual Security; You can't filter the stupid"

David Byrne, Trustwave

15:50-16:30 Panel: TBD

Moderator: TBD
Panelists: Alan Paller, Ed Bellis, TBD, TBD

16:30-17:30 Conference Wrap Up, CTF Awards & Sponsor Raffles - CTF - Beatz by DJ Jackalope
17:30-21:00 OWASP Social Gathering: Dinner and Drinks @ TBD

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