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SnowFROC Abstract Damele

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The Presentation: "SQL injection exploitation internals: How do I exploit this web application injection point?"

The presentation has a quick preamble on SQL injection definition, sqlmap and its key features.

Damele will then illustrate into details common and uncommon problems and respective solutions with examples that a penetration tester or a SQL injection tool developer faces when he wants to take advantage of any kind of web application SQL injection flaw on real world web applications, for instance SQL injection in ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses, single entry UNION query SQL injection, blind SQL injection algorithm speed enhancements, specific web application technologies IDS bypasses and more.

During the presentation Damele will demonstrate these techniques by using a new version of sqlmap which he will release at the conference!

The Speaker: Bernardo Damele

Bernardo is an IT security engineer based in London (United Kingdom) currently employed as penetration tester and security researcher for a renowned security company. Bernardo spent most of his research time on web application and database management systems security. He is currently the lead developer of sqlmap, a MySQL UDF repository developer and a Metasploit contributor.

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