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SnowFROC Abstract Bellis

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The Presentation: Doing more with less? : Automate or Die

The harsh economic climate has hit us all in some way. Budgets are trimmed and spending is down. We are continuously asked to do more with less, but how? Certainly the attackers aren’t spending less! Our web applications continue to grow in size and complexity. So what can an InfoSec team do to become more efficient and still effectively protect our applications?

At Orbitz, our team took a hard look at where we were spending a lot of our time – the grunt work – and how we could spend less of it. After building out a fairly comprehensive vulnerability management program and using a lot of best in breed tools, we found ourselves with an overabundance of manual labor on our hands putting together the pieces of our vulnerability puzzle. After looking around the market space, we found nothing that could really help us with this growing problem. Low and behold, there’s a government set of standards now to put all this together. What the heck, let’s build it!

The Speaker: Ed Bellis VP, CISO Orbitz Worldwide

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