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Projects Reboot 2012/OWASP Portuguese Project Proposal

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Project Reboot Submission for OWASP Portuguese Language Project

Project Name: OWASP Portuguese Language Project

Description: This project aims to coordinate and push foward the iniciatives developed to translate OWASP materials to Portuguese.


Reboot Project Lead: Márcio Machry

Team Members: Lucas Ferreira, Carlos Serrão, Magno Logan, Leandro Gomes, Tarcizio Vieira

Reboot type: Type 2

Goals of the reboot: Promote the project to obtain volunteers to help in the translations; translate with quality the main OWASP documents and publicize them in all Portuguese Language countries; standardization of the translations in Brazil or Portugal languages

50% milestone: December 2012, conclude ASVS and Top Ten translations; identify another priority documents to translate; marketing of the project in OWASP Conferences around Brazil

100% milestone: December 2013, conclude OpenSAMM and CLASP translations; create teams with coordinators to translate new documents

Suggested milestone reviewers: OWASP Brazilian Chapters Leaders

Budget required:

  • USD 2,000 – expenses with translation reviewers and experts, layout and printing of the documents
  • USD 3,000 – promote awareness events, project marketing, present the project at OWASP conferences in Brazil
  • Estimated Total – USD 5,000