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'''Welcome the the OWASP Project Reboot Page:
''What is the OWASP Project ReBoot initiative?''
OWASP needs to refresh, revitalize & update its projects. We need to make the software development community more aware of our efforts and demonstrate the foundations library of solutions & guidance designed to help with the secure application development lifecycle.
The proposal for this initiative is here:
'''[ Project Re-Boot Proposal]'''
'''Project Lead''': Eoin Keary <br>
'''Proposal Approval Team''': Jim Manico, Rahim Jina, Tom Brennan,...<br>
[[Reboot_Review_Criteria]] (For review team)
Board Approval can be seen here:
To that end we have a budget to fund various project related activities. We hope putting some financial support behind projects will re-energise our community and hopefully deliver some great high quality material which can be used to support software developers and testers for years to come:<br><br>
'''Current Submissions''' <br>
'''[[OWASP Application Security Guide For CISOs]]'''  - Selected for Reboot<br>
'''[[OWASP Development Guide]]''' - Selected for Reboot<br> 
'''[[OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Reboot2012|Zed Attack Proxy]]'''  - Selected for Reboot<br>
'''[[OWASP WebGoat Reboot2012|OWASP WebGoat]]''' <br>
'''[[OWASP AppSensor]]'''<br>
'''[[OWASP Mobile Project]]'''  - Selected for Reboot<br>
'''[[OWASP_Portuguese_Project_Proposal | OWASP Portuguese Language Project]]'''<br>
'''[[OWASP_ESAPI_Reboot2012 | OWASP ESAPI]]'''<br>
'''[[OWASP_Eliminate_Vulnerable_Code_Reboot | OWASP Eliminate Vulnerable Code Project]]'''<br>
'''Key Dates:'''<br>
'''Submission closing date''': July 30th 2012 <br>
'''First round of proposal selection''': 15 June 2012<br>
'''Second round of proposal selection''': 10 Aug 2012<br>
'''First Round Decisions'''<br>
The following table shows to votes submitted by reviewers. 1 is first preference, 2 is second preference and so on..
You can have more than one first preference if you wish.
'''Any Outstanding / additional proposals shall be voted on during the second round of proposal selection (10/8/2012).'''
<table border="1"  width="50%">
  <tr><!-- Row 1 -->
    <td>Proposal</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>Tom</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>Jim</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>Rahim</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>Eoin</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 2 -->
    <td>OWASP Development Guide</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 3 -->
    <td>OWASP CISO Guide</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>7</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 4 -->
    <td>OWASP Mobile Project</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>4</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>4</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>4</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 5 -->
    <td>OWASP WebGoat PHP</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>6</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>6 </td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>6</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 6 -->
    <td>OWASP Zed Attack Proxy</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 7 -->
    <td>OWASP AppSensor</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>5</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>5</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>5</td><!-- Col 5 -->
  <tr><!-- Row 8 -->
    <td>OWASP Testing Guide</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>2</td><!-- Col 5 -->
<tr><!-- Row 9 -->
    <td>OWASP ESAPI</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>10</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>5</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 5 -->
<tr><!-- Row 10 -->
    <td>OWASP_Eliminate_Vulnerable_Code</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>9</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>8</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>4</td><!-- Col 5 -->
<tr><!-- Row 9 -->
    <td>OWASP Portuguese Language Project</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>8</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>9</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>8</td><!-- Col 5 -->
<tr><!-- Row 9 -->
    <td>OWASP Code review Guide</td><!-- Col 1 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 2 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 3 -->
    <td>3</td><!-- Col 4 -->
    <td>1</td><!-- Col 5 -->
'''Projects selected via first round of review''': <br>
#'''OWASP Development Guide*''': Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP CISO Guide''': Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP Zed Attack Proxy''': Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP Mobile Project''': Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding <br>
'''Projects selected via second round of review''': <br>
#'''OWASP WebGoat PHP''' : Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP AppSensor''' : Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP Testing Guide*''' : Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
#'''OWASP ESAPI''' : Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
# '''OWASP Code review Guide*'''  : Funding Amount: $5000 initial funding
* Projects have additional external funding TBA.
'''Activity types''':<br>
'''Type 1''': Update, rewrite & complete guides or tools.<br>
This "type" is aimed at both existing and new tools or guides which require development effort to update, augment, rewrite, develop in order to achieve a high quality release quality product.<br><br>
#"Mini" Project based summits: Expenses associated with getting global workshops, with the aim of releasing a new version of a project.<br>
#Paying contributors for their time and effort.<br>
#Paying for user guides etc to be professionally developed (technical writing etc).<br><br>
'''Type 2''': Market, Training, Awareness, increase adoption.<br>
Existing, healthy robust tools and guides can utilise Type 2 activities to help with creating awareness and increasing adoption of that project.<br>
#Assisting with expenses associated with marketing a project.<br>
#Costs facilitating OWASP project focused training and awareness events<br>
'''How are we going to fund this??'''<br>
We are requesting all OWASP chapters which are in a healthy financial position to pledge 25% of their chapters funds to pay for this initiative.<br>
[ Pledge some chapter funds here]
Donate $1.00 to help save a current or future software application [ Click Here]
The Foundation shall also support this initiative with additional funding.<br>
The goal is to accumulate a budget of $100K which shall be appointed to projects undergoing this reboot.<br>
[ - Chapter Funds]
'''Can I apply for this Reboot?'''<br>
You certainly can, assuming you are an OWASP member.<br>
If you feel your project is ready or has potential you can apply for the reboot programme.<br>
'''How does funding work?'''<br><br>
'''Type 1''': Funding can be applied for as required if travel/mini summit etc is to be expensed as part of the reboot. Development activities; payment to contributors shall be at 50% and 100% milestones.<br>
Milestones are agreed prior to project reboot initiation.<br>
Once the 50% milestone is reached the work done to date shall be reviewed by a member of the [ - GPC] and also another nominated OWASP reviewer (generally an OWASP leader).<br>
'''Type 2''': Funding is supplied as required. Items to be funded are agreed prior to reboot initiation.<br>
Invoices for the required services are sent directly to the foundation for payment.
'''How do I apply?'''
Send in a proposal with the following information:
# Project name and description. Including reboot project lead and any team members.
# Re boot type (Type 1 or Type 2)
# Goals of the reboot
# Timeline for the 50% milestone and the 100% milestone. Suggested milestone reviewers (Generally OWASP Leaders or other industry experts)
# Budget required and how you shall spend it.
Want to support this initiative or learn more? Contact [mailto:[email protected] Eoin Keary]

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