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Upcoming Talks/Training:

2015 March 4: Tunisia / Africa: Zack Syn: OWASP ZAP Workshop

Owasp Zed Attack Proxy: Zap, est un projet phare de l’organisation OWASP. Ce scanner de vulnérabilité a été imaginé pour s’adapter à votre contexte professionnel, que vous soyez auditeur, testeur fonctionnel ou développeur, Zap vous assistera pour automatiser vos scans et répondra aux particularités de votre application.

La session se divise en deux parties, un fast talk et un workshop pour explorer les features avec un focus sur les celles apportées par la prochaine release.

Hack Zone : The Hack Zone event is a scientific event which deals with computer security and encloses the theoretical to the practical in order to meet the knowledge and good security practices in the IT world. Throughout this 24-hour event, participants will be able to learn about computer security during conferences, discuss and ask questions during the workshops and practice during the challenge which will last 14 hours.This year, in its second edition, this event became national in scope and almost all security clubs in Tunisia have registered, even computer security experts will attend and share with us some of their knowledge.