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OWASP Polls are a way of getting the 'pulse' of the OWASP community - they should not be considered 'binding'.

They may be about any subject that people feel may be of interest to the OWASP community.

All polls require an email_address and will publish full details of the responses.

If you ask for the form to be shared with you from a non OWASP address then you will just get a canned response explaining why this will not currently happen.

To add a poll please contact Simon Bennetts

Current Poll(s)

The text of the statement is here: [1]

    • Yes, we shall release it
    • No, we shall not release it
  • Date started: 2014 Jan 23
  • Proposed close date: Jan 27 14:00 CST
  • Author: Tobias Gondrom

Note that only OWASP members can see the 'live' results and the statement before its release. A summary of the results will be made public when the poll closes, but the full details will stay restricted to OWASP members to prevent email harvesting.

Past polls

  • Is it acceptable for organizations to place restrictions on OWASP presenting any material at any other events?
  • Final results
Should OWASP give a developer training cource at the 2014 RSA conference? # votes  %
Yes, commercial organizations make these decisions to protect and add value to their events, if we want to present at them we should abide by their rules 0 0%
Yes, as above, but only under exceptional circumstances and it should require an OWASP board vote 3 10%
No, we should never accept any such restrictions 27 87%
Other 1 3%

  • Should OWASP give developer training at RSA?
Should OWASP give a developer training cource at the 2014 RSA conference? # votes  %
Yes, this should be an official OWASP initiative 31 43%
No, OWASP should publicly pull out 25 35%
Yes, as long as the training is given as individuals an not an official OWASP initiative 8 11%
The board should decide 7 10%
Other 1 1%
Should OWASP make a public statement to the effect that subverting/weakening crypto is a bad idea # votes  %
Yes 67 93%
No 5 7%